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  • Why Real Estate, and how it’ll empower you, with direct, say and control
  • Which investment properties are the best fit for your goals and personality

My story of real estate investing began around the late 1990s, right before the Y2K craze. That was when I had discovered Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad published by Time Life Audio Series. It opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking of about passive income and leveraging real estate to build wealth future prosperity.

I dabbled here and there, as a part time opportunity, and flipped a property that I picked up at a foreclosure sale, literally in front of the courthouse steps. Repairs were minimal, and putting the house back on the market, and renting it, didn’t take that long. In the end, it was a challenging, eye opening and a profitable first venture that, like a crack addiction, hooked me for life.

Needless to say, after the Dot Com bust, then the 911 tragedy, the tech industry (my work centered around internet technology, communications and manufacturing) began to spiral down as the economy floundered. I survived a few rounds of lay-offs but eventually was cut as a cost savings precaution by my company. Ugh… I had a large family, who loved the area we live in, and my only job prospects were in other states. I couldn’t impose a harsh relocation on my wife and kids; I was in a dilemma…

Yet, to my joy, I discovered that behind a frowning providence, is a hidden smiling face; my Realtor® friend appealed to my entrepreneurial nature. He said, “Hey Bob, misery loves company, why don’t you try real estate as a new full time career?” So, in 2003 that’s what I did, and I’ve never looked back.

When You Join This Amazing Community, Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Expert interviews from the worlds smartest business owners and property investors
  • Downloadable tools & guides with property investment solutions
  • Cutting edge real estate investment “hacks”
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*NOTE: The Worried Investor Financially Free In Retirement Master Class is a separate product, and cost, than our FFI Retirement Monthly Membership!

So, get this, my first real estate affiliation was with a firm that almost exclusively focused on Foreclosures. For ten years running, it was the happening niche to be in. There was a large inventory to work from; in any given month our office had over a hundred foreclosure listings on the books. And there were lots of investors out there too; some savvy, some novices, and some “wanna be’s” like me, when I first dipped my toe into property investing world.

As I gained experience, partnered with a fellow kindred spirit or two, and having an inside edge in the industry, I was able to pick up several properties, rehab them, and flip them to make a little extra coin here and there.

Unfortunately, that world ended when the economy came roaring back, foreclosures steadily dropped, and bank asset managers began unloading their properties in fresh and inventive ways. Many fewer REOs (real estate owned) properties were being sold at the courthouse. Rather, the properties began to be bundled with other assets and sold off to large or corporate investors.

Sadly, it was an end to an era, and “deals” became much, much harder to find, else profit margins were considerably leaner. And, in todays hot market, nearly every property worth having, or worth repairing are seeing multiple offers, by hungry investors, and by first time home buyers. If I knew then what I know now, I would have done things much, much differently. However, there’s no looking back. Until now; what an incredible discovery was gifted to me, and rather be selfish, I want to share with those who will listen.

Here’s Why You’ll Want to Join Us Today:

  • Get started for as little as $1
  • You’ll immediately get access to our quick property investment tools, PDFs and guides
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Out of the blue, to my astonishment, an attorney friend asked to meet with him. What he shared was an extremely hardly known approach to acquiring real estate, in a hugely leveraged, and powerful way. I was blown away!

The approach was so transforming, it struck me like drinking from the fountain of youth. Imagine advertising this treasure, only to find very few ever bother to try it, because it’s either “to good to be true” or their just to busy, or lazy, to check it out.

I found the equivalent of what Ponce de Leon was searching for and simply can’t keep it to myself realizing most people with think it’s “to good to be true” or, well you know how most people can be… But, I’m believing if you’re reading this, you’re not most people. 😉

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What Past Clients Have To Say:

Bob is a super person and agent....He follows thru andcommunicates well... important for real estate transactions. He is a student of the local market and well respected by other agents.

- Vince Dimondi, Account Manager

Bob and I have worked on several ventures. He has keen sense for seeing opportunities and negotiating the means to make the most of the opportunities...

- Tom Coda, Environmental Consultant

I have worked with Bob for several years, and have been very happy with his services. He provides excellent ... services--including offering explanations (in real english)...

- Wendy Harrington, General Manager

We were very pleased to work with Bob in the purchase... He was always very responsive to any questions or requests that we had. We especially appreciated his expertise, wisdom and professionalism.  

- Mike and Connie Noel

Bob Walton

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